Case Study

Sales and Service Way

Traditionally, the entire Nissan Sales and Service Way (NSSW) training and performance program was rolled out through face-to-face workshops and hard copy training manuals.

Due to the large amount of content, employee time/travel constraints, facilitators, and a dispersed workforce of 230 dealerships throughout Australia and New Zealand, the approach was non-uniform and did not achieve a consistent level of performance.

The Nissan Learning Academy found that employees who attended scheduled face-to-face workshops were learning a different sales approach to those who were relying on the hard copy training manuals and dealership colleagues to “teach” them how the sales process works. The hard copy content was dry reading and lacked an opportunity for employees to test against knowledge or did not apply the theory to real-life examples.

The onboarding sales process was approached in a non-uniform way. Ultimately, the inconsistent approach to the sales training affected Nissan brand opinion, customer experience, employee performance, and sales targets.

The Nissan team engaged with learning solutions provider PulseLearning to design and develop the bespoke NSSW online training and performance program.

A critical element of program design was converting the large volume of hard copy theory to engaging scenario-driven interactions for use in the online program. The design needed to align to the unique learning needs and styles of the target audience.

The final NSSW sales training and performance program was delivered as a 4-module eLearning course. Each module is 25–35 minutes long and includes a 15-minute sales challenge, which tests the transfer and application of knowledge by the learner. The online sales training program provides fun and interactive real-world examples in a visually dynamic environment, allowing learners to relate the required sales process to the car showroom floor. The course was developed in Articulate Storyline and deployed on Nissan’s DOTS Learning Management System.

The bespoke online solution forms a critical entry component of the learning Pathway for a Sales Consultant and awards the competencies (NSSW sales process) required to achieve the Sales Consultant Certification.

The solution was rolled out nationally to the dealership sales force across Australia and New Zealand in November 2014. Despite being a non-mandatory learning solution, it was strongly supported by the dealership network as a critical requirement to onboard new sales people and familiarize them with the Nissan sales process. The online program has now become a requirement to achieve Certified Sales Consultant accreditation at Nissan.

All goals set out for the program have been achieved:

  • Increased application of NSSW in day-to-day operations
  • Improved sales and customer satisfaction
  • Increased geographical reach
  • Reduced overall speed to competency
  • Increased motivation and job satisfaction
  • Alignment to Nissan values